5 Perfect Gifts for Kayakers for Under $50

5 Perfect Gifts for Kayakers for Under $50

Though this year has been a little different, I am fairly certain that there will be gifts exchanged between family and friends this Holiday season.  Now, they may be left by a contactless delivery Santa, but Christmas will happen.  And based on numbers, a lot of folks have discovered one of the best ways to get out and social distance is to do it in a kayak.  That makes the odds higher that someone is going to answer a doorbell (or look under the tree) to find a new kayak waiting for them to hit the water.

If you are shopping for one of the new or existing kayak enthusiasts, there are a lot of gift choices.  PFDs, Paddles, depth finders – you can even find gift cards that will make them happy…the options are virtually limitless.  But since I know not everyone is going to buy me, I mean someone, a new foot controlled trolling motor; here are my top five gift ideas for the kayak fan in your life for under fifty bucks.

5.  Yak Gadgets QuickCup Cup Holder


This a pretty cool cup holder that works with any gear track.  If you have someone on your list who just likes to chill on the water, it can hold their favorite beverage.  If they also fish, you may just find it filled with lures or scent for those lures. 

This specific cup holder also features a tether hole to allow you to mount a tether and keep other accessories safe just in case you flip.  The track gear mounting allows you to mount it almost anywhere and makes it a great gift at $14.99. 

You might also want to check out their other products while shopping - like the QuickPack Kayak Seat Bag at $29.99.  Ok, technically that is two items, but this one may be on my personal list for Santa.  You could use the seat bag as a fun way to wrap the cup holder…just sayin’. 

4. Earth Pak Dry Bags


One inevitability that comes with kayaking: things will get wet.  From rain, to the motion of paddling, fishing or just getting in and out of the vessel, any of this will introduce water.  You might even decide to take a swim or wade through shallow water at some point during the day.  The best way to keep your stuff dry is to pick up a bag that protects it from the elements.

Earth Pak has a nice set of 3 dry bags (8L, 40L and 70L) that are offered in multiple colors allowing you to get their favorite, or match the kayak.  They can be used to hold keys, wallet/purse or even lunch.  For less than $23, you can provide some security for someone and give a gift that will definitely be used for any season.  These are especially useful to hold spare clothes when you brave a winter adventure.

They also have some higher end models if the person you're shopping for carries digital cameras to record their adventures.

3. Kayak Kushion


There is a reality about kayaking that they don’t tell you upfront; not all kayak seats are created equal.  Seats range from non-existent, to pads, to Hobie’s Vantage Seat.  Hours on the water can make many of them a bit rough on your bottom, but the folks at Kayak Kushion have a product that a lot of the people  will not go on the water without. 

The basic cushion comes in at $50, but I have yet to find a single person who regrets the purchase.  It has “a functional anti-slip cam-buckle and a built-in top of the line heavy duty zipper to allow washing and breath-ability”; and it's quite compatible with any seat.

Yesterday I was fishing with a guy who has one for the seat, and one for the back rest. Basically he's a genius.

If you are looking for a slightly higher end gift, you cannot go wrong here.

2. Rogue Fishing Co. Tethers & Leashes

One of the best gifts you can give anyone with a kayak is something that will keep all their gear in or around their kayak.  Trust a guy who spends almost every weekend in a kayak, losing a very expensive paddle on Lake Lanier during a windy tournament (not so hypothetically speaking) might bring a tear or two.  Rogue offers products that can insure that doesn’t happen to everyone.

The Defender™ Rod and Paddle leash for $17.99 is perfect for those who just like to paddle or for the angler on your list.  The Guardian™ Utility Leash 115 at $12.99 or the Guardian 55™ Utility Leash at $9.99 would also be a great choice. 

These can also be bundled into the Rogue Starter Kit which provides a discount for all three…just slightly over $25. 

But don’t stop browsing there, they have other bundles to protect much more. 

1. Life is Good Kayak Tervis


If you just are not sure, or don’t feel comfortable about selecting a specific gift for a kayaker…you can never go wrong with a cool Tervis cup.  It will fit in a nice new cup holder, can be left in the kitchen or can be used at the office. 

If you are not familiar with the Life Is Good story, check it out here.  Not only is this something nice to give this year, it is a gift where part of the profits are donated to the Life Is Good Kids Foundation. So at the same time, while giving them something they'll love, you also get to help children in need. 

Keep The Stress Out of Their Gifts and Their Kayak

Before you start stressing about what to get for the kayak-lover in your life, pick out something here that will make them smile (and your life easier). You can even package them all up into one big box and have a contactless Santa drop it under their tree.


This article was contributed by Mike Cheatham

"On May 2016, I sat in my first kayak. We picked it up at Caney Fork Outdoors to carry on camping trips. October 2016, skunked in my first tournament.  Shortly after, I picked up my first Hobie. Spring of 2017, placed 11th in the KBF Open. They handed me a check and I have chased the addiction since; fishing in KBF, Hobie, BASS or any local events I could find. Fishing; the one place my mind gets quiet, the place I have always found peace. To do it competitively with a great bunch of folks is just a bonus. Combining my love for fishing with writing… I feel like I have finally found my place in this world! I have the support of a wonderful woman who understands my need to be on the water; she travels with me across the states and supports my dreams fully… life is truly good." For more from Mike, visit his blog at www.topwatermoon.com.