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THE PROTECTOR Phone Tether 2.0

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You protect all your gear. It’s time to protect your memories. 

Let’s face it - there’s a lot going on to get that perfect picture of your fish or the scenery around you! Whether you're fishing, on the hunt, or hiking through the woods, one unfortunate slip and all of your contacts, photos, and work life could end up gone forever. That’s where the Protector comes in! Made from a durable silicone case and the same tough leashes that we’re known for, the Protector will grip your phone tight, keeping it safe from chaos so you can thrive on the water!


The Protector will fit nearly any smartphone*, with or without a case! Other solutions are bulky and clunky but not the Protector. It easily connects in seconds - and you can keep the Protector attached to your pfd, so you’re ready to go the next time adventure calls! Your phone is an investment, it's your life. Make sure it's secure with the Protector!


To purchase the Protector silicone case only click here.



  • Made from durable silicone
  • Universal fit, will fit almost any smartphone - with or without a case
  • Take on and off your phone in just seconds
  • Compact leash is small enough to stay out of your way, but stretches enough to get that picture for your tournament
  • Rogue’s Quality Assurance Warranty**

* Works best with smartphones ranging anywhere from 4-6.5 inches. Larger smartphones that also have cases may be too large for the case.


** The leash is covered under the full Rogue Quality Assurance Guarantee. The silicone case is covered under a 90 day Rogue Quality Assurance Guarantee.

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